About MesoMorph Crossfit

MesoMorph as an idea grew from a group of mates who all loved training together and knew that with their joint vision they could band together to create a truly remarkable CrossFit gym experience.

A CrossFit gym is more commonly known as a “Box” for the very fact that it is low on frills and high on impact. You are not going to be walking into an

You are not going to be walking into an air-conditioned health spa with electronic cardio machines and pin weights taking up all the floor space. What you will be walking into is an open and versatile training area filled with a team of people who are all eager to push themselves and you as the group collectively pursues greatness.

MesoMorph grew from six friends realising that they together could create the perfect box, the perfect place for people of all ages and sizes to come together and become fitter, stronger, and more mobile individuals. Living up to all that the human body could and should be!

Meet the Founders of MesoMorph CrossFit

Leigh Ward
Leigh WardFounder
Leigh fell in love with CrossFit for the sheer intensity of the workouts and the way they push him until he literally has nothing left to give.
Mat Barker
Mat BarkerPersonal Trainer
It was always going to happen, Mat was always going to get his own thing started. He is definitely excited to have found a group of eager partners to launch this Gym.
Leigh Pedrick
Leigh PedrickFounder
Leigh is an avid CrossFitter and when the opportunity came up to found MesoMorph he was all over it with unbridled enthusiasm.
Ashley Pooley
Ashley PooleyFounder
Ashley is a furiously passionate CrossFitter and part of what she is looking forward to most is knowing that she can help to build a truly supportive and encouraging community here at MesoMorph.
Ben Ballard
Ben BallardFounder
Ben has been training for years but switching to CrossFit saw him gain results he previously could never have believed possible. Founding a box was simply a natural extension of what he knew to be the best way to get fit.

The new Box is opening on the 25th of February, in the mean time the MesoMorph family are training at our sister gym Holland Performance in Pasadena.

We will be having a grand opening in February

We’ll see you there 😉